Company Pensions

New legislation has come into force whereby both employers and employees are required to make contributions to a pension scheme.

Company Pension Schemes- Automatic Enrolment

– Need help understanding what your legislative requirements are for auto enrolment?

– Not sure what information you need to collect?

– How do you decide who you should pick as your pension provider?

– Not sure if you can save money on charges and still provide the best pension option for your employees?

– Which employees do you have to enter into your pension scheme?


All UK employers are required to automatically enrol eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme and contribute to it regularly.

Although this sounds simple, it does pose numerous challenges for employers including regulation, implementation and numerous compliance issues.

We can ease this burden of auto enrolment by advising a cost-effective workplace pension scheme, establish and assist you to run one that’s suitable to your company and your finances.

We provide different levels of service to match each companies required need. A summary of these are shown below.

With the offer of a free initial meeting you can find out if our services are right for you with no obligation to proceed!

If you don’t know where to start and need some guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We provide several affordable packages to ensure that you have the right options available for you.

Get in touch now and arrange to have a FREE initial consultation with an adviser. This is a no-obligation meeting where we can identify your situation and ascertain the right way to proceed.

We can provide you with an hourly service which can be used to clarify what your legislative duties are and outline what you need to do.

It is an option for those who simply need some questions answered and want to check that they are doing things correctly and not at risk of a fine.

If you would like our help to establish the scheme we can complete the pension regulator’s declaration for you and get the scheme up and running in time for your staging date.

If you do not know what provider to use, we can research the whole market and find a provider that best matches your specific requirements and budget.

If you would like to outsource your auto enrolment pension procedure we also provide a full service. This means we;

– Establish the scheme for you in time for your staging date so you don’t face any penalties.

– Provide presentations regarding the scheme to employees so they have all the information they need.

– Provide the employer with the template letters they need to maintain the smooth running of the scheme.

– Have annual meetings with employees so they can look over and understand their pension and ask any questions they may have.

– Availability to have any employer/employee queries answered over the phone or by email at any time.

– Manage the constant administration of the scheme and ensure that you are meeting your statutory requirements.