Could we be heading for another roaring twenties?

Could we be heading for another roaring twenties?

by Aurora Financial — Posted on November 17, 2020

For consumers, businesses and stock markets, the possible vaccine and Biden win could be a game changer!

It means that instead of discounting an endless virus and politically driven stop-start media coverage, we can start to imagine a straight-line recovery.

You could then expect a huge surge in demand for consumer services from populations that are cash rich (many people have saved money during the pandemic); fed up and ready to spend. 

There are nasty risks of course (the debt overhang and rising unemployment being the obvious ones). But there is a reason the market has performed well this week: if things go even reasonably well from here, we will soon be able to reclaim the bits we liked of our old normal (pubs, planes and parties) while reserving the right to dump some of bits we never really liked (commuting every single day and not having the faintest idea who our neighbours are).