3 Reasons Why YOU Might Need Life Insurance

3 Reasons Why YOU Might Need Life Insurance

by Aurora Financial — Posted on July 24, 2017

You may have noticed a rise in advertisements telling you that you should have life insurance- but is it just an unnecessary expense? The short answer- no. See below 3 reasons why you should be considering life insurance;

1- You have children. If you were to pass away would there be enough money available to ensure your children are protected? Ongoing household expenses would continue so if the child’s Guardian stays at home there would need to be sufficient financial stability to accommodate this. Alternatively, if they go to work then there would need to be enough money available to cover the cost of childcare. A Life Insurance policy can provide a lump sum or even a monthly income, to ease the financial strain your loved ones may face.

2- You have a mortgage. Many people rely on a joint salary to pay the monthly mortgage cost. If you were to pass away, would your partner be able to afford the cost of the mortgage alone or would they have to sell and leave their home? The same problem applies to if your partner passes away- would you then have to lose your home? You can have a joint life insurance over the term of your mortgage to ensure that if one of you passes away before the mortgage is repaid, a lump sum covers the remaining cost of the mortgage to avoid the surviving partner being left in a difficult position.

3- You have a partner who relies on your income. This is particularly the case if your partner is not at work or is unable to work. However, even if they are able to work, they may not be able to match your income making the ongoing expenses tougher to pay. The reality is that funerals are also very expensive. At a time when your loved ones are grieving, you can help ease some of their financial worries.

.Life insurance is not as costly as some might think and you could protect your loved ones from as little as 33p a day! Contact us for whole of market research to find the most suitable life cover for you at the most competitive cost. We are not tied to any insurance providers so are able to provide you with independent advice on your options. To top it all off- You will not need to pay a fee for our services as our cost is covered by commission.

-Halta Haxhia